Mir Trogn a Gezang / We Carry a Song

A Musical Tribute to Chana Mlotek, z”l

Featuring Chana Mlotek’s grandchildren: Lee, Marissa, Avram, Elisha
and Sarah Mlotek, with special guest artists, trailblazers in the world-wide revival of Yiddish culture which Chana helped to inspire with her pioneering work as a Yiddish music anthologist and folklorist along with her husband Yosl.

With a special chorus of Yiddish stars who’s lives were touched and careers influenced by Chana Mlotek.

Merlin & Polina Shepherd, Lucette Van Den Berg, Shura Lipovsky , Niki Jacobs , Elmore James, Karsten Troike, Andrew Keltz, Dan Kahn, Josh Dolgin, Jeff Warschauer , Deborah Strauss, Vira Lozinsky, Cesar Lerner & Marcelo Moguilevsky Lorin Sklamberg, Annette Ezekiel, Michael Winograd, Daniella Rabbani, Ron Rifkin, Joanne Borts, Robert Abelson, Robert Abelson, Sarah Gordon and Janet Leuchter.

Music Direction by Zalmen Mlotek


Holiday songs, love ballads, workers songs and songs of spiritual resistance all come to life in this intergenerational tribute concert to Chana Mlotek (1922-2013), who I.B Singer called the “Sherlock Holmes of Yiddish music”. Musically directed and performed by her son, Zalmen Mlotek, the artistic director of the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene, as well as her grandchildren Lee, Avram, Marissa, Elisha and Sarah, MIR TROGN A GEZANG features songs that Chana unearthed in her decades of research. It was in tribute to this beloved Yiddish folklorist and anthologist that the initiative to organize KulturfestNYC was undertaken by community leaders Stanley Bergman and Mark Mlotek, and it is to her that this unprecedented festival of Jewish performing arts is dedicated.