Avoid Garage Door Repair bills With Regular Maintenance

You know if you don’t change the oil in your vehicle regularly, you will end up paying a huge bill for replacing the engine or other parts of the car. The same rule goes for the garage door maintenance routines. A garage door is a heavy object moving on metal tracks along the walls to make a way for your car.

You could be in trouble if it is not functioning correctly. Ignoring the maintenance now can lead to a much more costly and hectic garage door repair process later on. It is not just a matter of money. Some garage door parts are under a great amount of pressure that can be adjusted properly. If the garage door becomes malfunctions, it could damage your car and hurt you. It also leaves your house open to thieves. A professional garage door service like Ace Garage Door Repair should be called to keep a garage door in tip-top position, it greatly reduces the chances of malfunctioning.

There are several garage door tests suggested by the National Safety Council that you can perform regularly to make sure that your garage door will function correctly and safely. If something goes wrong, you should contact professional garage door experts to make any repairs and adjustments. The following mentioned are the recommended test that you conduct to check the performance and safety features of the garage door.

  • Garage door balance test:

If you have an electric garage door opener, disconnect it when the garage door is already closed to open or close the garage door by hand. Now just you need to lift the garage door from its closed position to test the performance. A garage door should move smoothly without any trouble and it should stay up about three to four feet above the ground. If you experience any trouble, you need to readjust the limit switch.

  • Reversal mechanism tests:

Only perform this test once you have ensured that the garage door is properly balanced. Lift the garage door to its fully opened position lay a soft object in the center of the garage door and close the garage door. It should stop and reverse once it touches the object. If it does not, the safety mechanism needs to be fixed or replaced. If anything is uncertain for you, call professional garage door experts to help you in this regard.

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  • Regular inspection of garage door:

At least once a month, you should check all the moving parts and other hardware of the garage door including cables, springs, rollers, and pulleys to find out the signs of rust and wear. In case, you experience any serious problems, make an appointment with a professional garage door technician to come out and take a look. Remember; don’t try to replace the broken spring or any other component under a high amount of pressure on your own.

Remember it is strongly suggested that all the moving components and hardware of the garage door, except the plastic idler bearing to reduce the friction and other potential damages. The National Safety Council suggested that you perform inspection and maintenance on monthly basis. You should follow the user’s manual for further suggestions on garage door maintenance services.

By performing regular tests and maintenance works, you can help ensure that your garage door will function smoothly and stay longer. The cost of ignoring maintenance could be far more than you want to pay for garage door maintenance.