FAQS, Kultur Fest NYC, Jewish culture

If you are still curious about the website or about the actual event itself, we highly encourage you to browse through this website so that you can know more. This Frequently Asked Questions page is your gateway to more information about Kultur Fest NYC and the website itself. It is where the most common questions from our guests are collected as a reference to everyone who comes here. Just in case you do have more questions about us, feel FREE to send us an email. Check out our Contact Us page for our contact details.

Q. Can we request for a specific topic to be discussed about the Jewish culture?

A. This website is specifically made for our guests. The main goal is to provide information. So just in case you are looking to know more, feel free to email us whatever topic it is you are feeling curious about. Trust that when your email is selected and we are going to discuss your requested topic, you will receive an email from us telling you about it. In that way, you will not miss the chance of reading it yourself.

Q. Do we need an account before we can fully access this site?

A. An account is necessary only if you are looking to engage with our other guest through the FORUM page of this website and if you want to post at the TESTIMONIALS page. Otherwise, no need anymore to sign up for an account.

Q. In signing up for an account, do we need to pay for anything?

A. Signing up is for FREE. No need to pay for anything. All you need to have is a valid email address so that you can receive the notification confirming that you have already successfully registered with us. So register now for great offers.