How to Repair Your Garage Door on Your Own

How many times have you been experienced when you reach home after a tiring day, your garage door would refuse to open or just not responding at all? An automatic garage door opener had to serve you to make your life comfortable. Timely garage door repair services will help you to solve any problem regarding the garage door. You can fix minor garage door problems on your own because it is always better to help yourself at first. Visit here to get more information about garage door services.

The most obvious action is to check the electric supply of the garage door. You need to make sure that it is in its good working position. Next, you will have to inspect the tracks that are placed across. Often it may be the dirt collected with the passage of time. Garage door tracks and rollers should be checked where the dirt is to accumulate. Don’t forget to check the photoelectric sensor. These sensors should be misaligned and bumped. You need to use a good lubricant or powdered graphite to grease the rollers because lack of lubrication is one common cause of malfunctioning garage doors.

For roll-up garage doors, old and worn-out screws are a major problem causing the non-functional garage door. Due to continuous use, screws and nuts may turn loose and can cause misaligned tracks. In the case of imbalanced garage door tracks, they should be moved to an angle that is perpendicular to the garage door. Get the right size screwdriver and fix all the loose moving hardware that is holding the tracks.

In the case of swing-up garage doors, the mounting plates are the parts that would need special attention. These mounting plates are responsible to hold and secure the torsion springs inside the garage door. The right alignment of springs and mounting plates will help the proper opening and closing operations of a garage door. It is advisable that you should tighten any loose screws and nuts you may find there. Next, you will need to check the springs. You will find hooks at the end of the springs which should be adjusted in the holes of mounting brackets. It is strongly recommended that hire a professional garage door expert to take care of garage door springs because they are quite dangerous to handle.

Don’t forget to give good maintenance to your garage door. Change the springs after every 5 to 8 years. Look for debris, dirt, and worn-out screws and hinges. Sometimes, you may not able to fix all the problems. What can be more annoying if you tried to handle garage door problems and not only failed to do so but also serious damages? It is good to try to some extent, exceeding which may cause great loss. When you feel that you are not able to handle a malfunctioning garage door, it is better to consult a professional garage door contractor who has good knowledge and experience of working on it.