Testimonials, Kultur Fest NYC, Jewish culture

I’ve been coming to the Kultur Fest NYC for many years now. So far, I am really learning a lot. By now, you may be wondering why I am still attending amid coming to this event almost on a yearly basis. My only answer is that it is very enjoyable as well. You can learn here so many things that you cannot get from the book. More than that, you can also see all the happenings at face value. This is really an event that you should not miss. Make sure to pencil this already to your planner and calendar so you will thoroughly be reminded.


I have always been curious about Jewish culture. I usually research about them and read books pertaining to their history. It saddens me that through the years, the discrimination in this culture just never stopped. Even if we are not anymore in the ancient times, people still see this culture as something that is out of the norm. Because of this, they learned to hate the Jewish people. Kultur Fest NYC is a good place to know about Jewish culture more. If you are interested, this is really something you should not miss. This is like traveling to another place because it is a whole lot different compared to the usual events you experience. It is enlightening because you learn a lot that of things in which you are not exposed to before. The best thing is the food and you really should not miss it.


Coming to this place is an experience of a lifetime. Make sure that you experience it even once in your life. You will enjoy this especially if you are into learning other culture. You can also make friends while you are in the area because other people who attend are really very friendly and accommodating.